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Innovations for a circular world - 2023 highlights

Innovations for a circular world - 2023 highlights

In the year 2023, we witnessed tangible progress in our efforts towards achieving our 2030 objectives. This was made possible through the introduction of many innovative products, coupled with a consistent and steadfast approach towards developing circular business practices. We believe innovation is the key to drive sustainability and to work towards a global circular economy. Our mission to make packaging more circular globally has forged valuable collaborations with our customers, partners and trade associations to gather the right knowledge and develop solutions such as blueloop™ and The Cup Collective. Enjoy reading about our innovation highlights from 2023!

blueloop™ mono-materials solutions

In April 2023 we launched three breakthrough mono-material flexible packaging solutions designed for recycling and using fewer materials than conventional complex and multi-layered material structures. These innovative blueloop™ products are recyclable, compostable or reusable, have lower carbon footprint than the products they replace, and are made from responsibly sourced materials.

Read more about blueloop™ solutions here.


Fiber-based egg cartons from 100% recycled material

In November 2023, Huhtamaki NA brought its fiber egg packaging expertise to the US as an alternative to foam egg packaging and launched fiber-based egg packaging manufacturing at our site in Hammond, Indiana, targeting egg producers in the US. This state-of-the-art technology provides a full range of highly customizable egg cartons that are fiber-based and manufactured from 100% recycled North American materials.

Read more about it here.


Chinet Comfort® Cup – Designed with sustainable features

The Chinet Comfort Cup was launched in October 2023 in North America. The product is designed with more sustainable features: the cups are made from 42% recycled paper & lid made from 20% post-consumer recycled material. The Chinet Comfort® cups are two times stronger than before and have an improved design made for the consumer and our customers.

The Cup Collective expands to Dublin achieving recycling rates up to 19.4%

The Cup Collective, a unique European partnership program focused on industrial-scale paper cup recycling, was first launched in Brussels, Belgium, in 2022 in collaboration with Stora Enso. In 2023, the initiative extended its operations to Ireland and launched across various locations in Dublin, achieving cup recycling rates of up to 19.4% (nearly one in five cups purchased) in less than a month. The Cup Collective aims to create a movement for sustainable paper cup recycling, starting one cup at a time, and continues to explore opportunities to expand in other markets.

Find out more about The Cup Collective here.

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Huhtamaki’s 2023 Annual Report contains more information on the innovation we have delivered during the year 2023. Go find out more about our innovations here.