Cups & lids

Huhtamaki offers a full line of cups and lids for a wide variety of beverages to meet every budget and need. Products are available in paper or plastic and are ideal for serving everything from hot coffee to cold iced tea. The line even includes kids' cups that are perfect for small, spill-prone hands.

Food containers & lids

Huhtamaki offers a complete line of food containers and lids in a wide range of sizes and designs, all proudly made in the USA. Premium strength construction, superior insulation and tight-fitting lids ensure foods stay at their optimal temperature – whether hot or cold – and customers stay protected from burns, chills, leaks and spills. Available in sizes ranging from six to 64-ounces and a variety of stock and custom prints, there is a container ideal for any portion, product and brand.

Food trays

Huhtamaki offers an extensive line of food trays, cartons and boxes in a wide range of popular shapes, sizes and functions. All products are made from renewable resources and are available as shown, featuring a popular stock print, or custom-printed to enhance brand recognition. In addition, Huhtamaki trays, cartons and boxes can be customized to include windowing, double sided printing, aqueous coating or custom sizes, ensuring you have everything needed to meet customer demand.

Drink carriers & trays

Huhtamaki offers a wide variety of trays and carriers known for their industry-leading quality and strength. Made from materials ranging from molded fiber to handled paper, all Huhtamaki carriers and trays transport food and beverages securely, minimizing the potential for spills, tips or leaks. Huhtamaki carriers and trays offer premium strength, quality and security.

Hinged containers

Huhtamaki hinged containers are the clear alternative to foam, offering an unbeatable combination of strength and sustainability. Produced with natural fibers from an annually renewable resource, they easily handle heavy food and are stackable for easy delivery and take-home portability. The sturdy design protects food during transit, while the superior locking mechanism ensures food stays secure. Huhtamaki hinged containers provide a sturdy and versatile solution to serve, carry out or deliver hot and cold foods with confidence. Available in a variety of sizes.


Huhtamaki offers a full line of single-use tableware, including plates, platters and bowls in a wide variety of popular sizes and designs.  Products are available in molded fiber, paper and plastic with options to meet every budget and every need, ranging from simple back-of-house preparation to premium front-of-house presentation..