Did you know?

- All of Huhtamaki’s products are designed to serve the growing demand for on the go food and drink with responsibly sourced and manufactured products that are designed to minimize environmental impacts across the value chain and we continuously innovate to improve the sustainability of our existing and new products

- All of the cups manufactured by Huhtamaki in the UK are either recyclable or certified as compostable in industrial composting facilities

- All of the cups manufactured by Huhtamaki in the UK are made using paperboard certified by the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification. This means that it is made from wood that is sourced from sustainably managed forest

- Huhtamaki's recyclable cups have a polyethylene inner lining. This lining ensures that the cup is safe to use and ensures that it holds the content, hot or cold, safely

- In the UK it has been difficult for businesses and consumers to ensure that their used cups are recycled after use. In order for cups to be recycled, they must first be collected for recycling and then sent to an appropriate recycling facility but the infrastructure for the capture and collection of used cups has been limited in the UK

- Huhtamaki, the paper cup and retail beverage industry and industry groups such as the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group have been working to increase the number of collection points for used cups through in-store collection, single site initiatives, local projects focused on cup collection and recycling and by working with waste collection service providers