Among the winners of the Tube of the Year Awards

Among the winners of the Tube of the Year Awards

Our PBL 220/11 HD structure tubes were able to impress the judges at the annual "Tube of the Year" awards of the North American Tube Council, and win the bronze award in the category "best innovative component or process"!

We are thrilled to see that our development was well received on the market and impressed our customers with its optimized product characteristics.

During the development phase, the reduction of the tube weight was highest priority. This development brings us a big step closer to the goal of making the laminates more sustainable and has also enabled us to qualify the laminate for the recycling process.

A special feature of the material structure is also the proportion of HDPE with EVOH; here, our Huhtamaki material offers increased stiffness and thus brings clear advantages to the product despite the lower overall weight. The Technology Approval (physical recycling test) at RecyClass has enabled us to prove that this laminate can be used to produce tubes that can be recycled without restrictions in the coloured HDPE stream. This tube laminate thus meets all the sustainability criteria.

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